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Discussion Question #4

Social networking has had a big hand in business today. I think that it is not going to last. Right now Facebook and other networking sites are very popular. They are a great way for people to reconnect and it is becoming another way for businesses to get their name out. On the other hand how long is social networking going to last. I see more and more people just using it to play games and show everyone what their high score for the day is. I find myself getting more and more frustrated with it and not logging on as much as I first did. Soon businesses and others will see this and stop using it as another internet "commercial". For now it seems like a very good marketing technique and might be around for a long time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Discussion Question #2

Click Fraud is an unethical practice. I think Google's main concern with this is actual fraud they are in the middle of with their advertisers. I don't think advertisers are interested in paying people for putting their ads on their blog page and not having anyone actually see their ad, and continuing to pay for it.

Google has been and will continue to prevent this by looking at ip addresses of the clicks on blog pages. I do not see where this is an unethical practice because IP addresses are public domain in my opinion.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New to Blogging? Watch This Video!

If you are not sure what a blog is or how it works, the video called Blogs in Plain English will help. This video expalins why blogs are such a "big deal." To view this video, just click on the large arrow in the middle of the video window below.

Whole-House Surge Protection

It's important to protect all your electronic devices, not just computers, fom surges. Printers, televisions, appliances and computer peripherals all require protection. One solution is to install a whole-house surge protector as shown in this photo. The device is installed by an electrician and is attached to your circuit breaker panel. Whole-house surge protectors function like other surge protection devices, but they protect all electrical devices in the house at once. The typical cost of $200 to $300 (installed) is generally less than buying individual surge protectors for every electrical device in your home.